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Stratton Films uses a unique story-based approach to web video marketing. “Show, Don’t Tell” is our mantra and the results are high quality, artfully rendered and emotionally engaging short videos unique to each client and designed to reach and engage the target audience.

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Why Story?

Stories are our universal currency. They’re what make us human. They’re how we connect with each other. Creating an emotional connection through story is one of  the best ways to get others to want to find out more about you and what you do. Story elicits Emotion which leads to more Business.



Our story-based web videos have helped many small businesses, organizations and creative people reach a wider audience. People like to ‘share’ our videos online and, as a result, some established online publications, including the Huffington Post and the New Yorker online, have featured our videos.



There’s no such thing as an ordinary life. Every person, every company, every organization is unique. We want to help you find your story and then do what we do best:  Weave together moving images and sound into a short video story that will get you the attention you need to reach your dreams!