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Catherine Stratton

Catherine Stratton

Stories change lives.  They inspire us to connect with each other and build communities.  Storytelling is quickly becoming the most utilized tool in growing your business. I don't just "tell" stories, I "show" them.  And I get you. My films portray that and create instantaneous connections to a much larger audience by allowing them to immediately engage with your product or service.   

I create an experience for the audience to step inside your shop or your creative space, to get to know you, and to connect to the passion you have for your products and services. My films leave your audience with the feeling that they’re part of your story too because they see your process, they hear your voice, and, through my documentary-style, artful presentation, they immediately connect to the joy you bring to your work.  

It’s more than marketing.  It’s a richly, entertaining legacy of your work.

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