Video is for the Broad Strokes


When people visit a website they don't want to weed through lots of text to find what they want or need to know. No. It's much easier, effective and fun to click on the “play” button on a video and be presented with a succinct, integrated whole that shows them what they need to know about you and your services.

Once they’re hooked, they will be more interested in the details. And, that's what story based marketing videos do best: they lure viewers in through clear, dynamic and emotionally resonant messaging making viewers much more likely to stick around to find out more.

So, when you go to make a video for your business, always keep this mind:

A lot of people looking to make a marketing video, think they have to include everything about their product, service or program in it. Not so. Video is for the broad strokes. Text is for the details.

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Video is Experiential

Artists create experiences that affect multiple senses at the same time. Marketing videos must do the same. They must provide viewers with the opportunity to step into your world for a few minutes and to feel what it’s like to be there. It’s a way for them to get to know you and to witness your shared humanity. 

Rick Parker is a comic book artist and cartoonist. Watch this 3-minute video to become part of his world for just a little while. Once you're done watching, you'll feel like you know him . . . you'll want to find out more . . . . .