About Catherine

I love stories and my favorite
format is "short."


I've always loved stories. I wasn't a very outgoing child so spent a lot of time observing and reflecting. Now I've transformed my passion for stories into artful and unique marketing videos that help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs succeed and grow. 

Clients have included ETSY, the Broadway star, TOM WOPAT along with numerous artists, designers
photographers and small businesses ranging from bakeries to balloon wranglers. 

My clients have seen growth through numbers. My ETSY films garnered over 13K views on both Vimeo and YouTube. A marketing film I made for The Messy Artist, an art school for children, had more than 12K views on YouTube.

Clients' videos have appeared on numerous websites including The Huffington Post, CNN, The New Yorker and Houzz providing them with a much wider audience than they would have had without the videos.

An artist myself, my independent films have screened at The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., on PBS Affiliate WGBH and at film festivals worldwide. 

As for me? I have a happy life that includes two wonderful kids, one needy dog and a lot of laughs. 

See the WORK.

Photo by Tricia Rosenkilde

Photo by Tricia Rosenkilde

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